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Lights 2 Music Christmas Lights Synced to Music

Update On The Lights

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Thursday Dec 4,2008

It was an interesting night tonight.  We met with The County Star for a story on the lights.  Not sure if it will be in the News Gazette or not.  When I find out for sure I’ll let everyone know.  We stopped the show about 6:40 to turn on all the lights for a few photos.  It’s hard to get photos with lights flashing all over.

When we came home from work, around 4:30, I went out to do my normal maintenance.  Turn on all the lights, replace bulbs that either broke/burned out and to get the lights out of the gutter.  I went to the computer to turn on all the lights and the computer was dead.  I tried some quick fixes but nothing.  Now some people would get worried but after repairing computers for 6 years I know you always need a backup plan when it comes to technology.  We actually have three computers that have all the songs and software on them.  I quickly grabbed the backup laptop, did a few test and everything was back to normal.  I will admit I was a little stressed since I knew the reporter was coming at 6.  The computer was in the garage and we all know how cold it’s been.  I’m sure the cold weather caused the computer failure.  I’ve ordered a couple new parts so I can move the computer into the house.  I’ll probably be doing that on Saturday.

I am working on getting more videos.  Tonight was too crazy and last night there were too many people out there to record.  I’ll get them as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow night.

If anything does happen and the lights can’t be turned on for whatever reason, I will post on here.  So if you’re planning on making a drive to see the lights check the site first to make sure there are no problems.  I don’t anticipate anything that we can’t handle but I know in the past we have lost power because of the weather.

I hope everyone enjoys the lights.

Happy Holidays,


Jingle Bells by Kay Thompson’s

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Monday Dec 1,2008

I took a video tonight of Jingle Bells by Kay Thompson’s.  I tried to do as much repair to the lights as I could when I got home from work.  The snow storm last night froze some of the lights in the gutter.  I also had a few bulbs break which knocked out a small section of lights.  I’ll take some more videos once I get the lights fixed.

I hope you enjoy.

House With All The Lights On

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Monday Nov 24,2008

I decided to take a couple of pictures with the all the lights on.  I’ll try to get videos up soon.  I’m still adjusting a couple songs that weren’t working properly.   

Lights are up

Author: Sarah Hendrix | Filed under: christmas lights Sunday Nov 23,2008

We got all of the Christmas lights up yesterday!!  We tested them out and they look great.  The hardest part of putting them all up, was organizing all of the extension cords.  With 21 extension cords all running into a central box, things are pretty crazy.  Putting all the lights up was a piece of cake compared to winding and taping all of the extension cords.

We will start running shows on Thanksgiving night.  The radio station is 90.7 FM.  We may run a few more tests between now and Thursday, so if you happen to see the lights on, that’s what is going on!!  We hope to see everyone out sometime during the holiday season!!  Please leave us some comments and let us know what you think of the show.

Testing Light O Rama Controller

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Tuesday Nov 4,2008

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure things are working well.  When you setup a Christmas display that is synced to music there is a lot of pieces.  With a lot of pieces things can go wrong.  It’s best to test, test and test some more.  At this point in time I have the songs we want programed in the light o rama software, the controller is working properly and the fm transmitter is close to being complete.  I shot a video of of the controller with 16 strands of christmas lights plugged in.  This was to test that all channels were operating properly and to hear the music.  I watched too many videos where the music didn’t quite sync with the lights so I wanted to make sure I was right on.  Check out the video below.

FM Transmitter is Here

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Tuesday Oct 21,2008

I ordered the Ramsey FM25b transmitter for the Christmas lights.  The FM25b transmitter doesn’t come assembled from Ramsey so I ordered it on ebay.  It was very nicely put together.  I couldn’t have done that well if I tried.  I ran a few tests and it works very well.  They say 200 feet with the amp at 75%.  I’m planning on putting it in the garage so I figure with no obstruction it should get over that 200 feet and if not I’ll turn it up.  You can also add a better antenna if you need even more distance.

The House That Started It All

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Sunday Oct 12,2008

The video above is the house that got me excited about Christmas lights to music. I know I’m not the only one that watched the video and wanted to do it. It has been 3 years since that video and I’m finally doing my house. The reason is I now have a house to do it.

Christmas Design

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Sunday Oct 5,2008

I think we have chosen the chrismas design we are going to use for the site.  It has a nice holiday look to it.  I will get some good content up soon.

Welcome to Lights 2 Music

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Sunday Oct 5,2008

Welcome to the site.  I wanted to share my experiences and videos of my Christmas lights synced to music.  This year will be our first year having the lights synced.  We will document the steps to get your lights synced and show off what we accomplished.  Since this is our first year we are starting out with a mild setup compared to others.  We are looking to setup between 3,000 and 5,000 lights.  Check back soon as I go over the lighting controller that we purchased.