We have a lot going on but not enough to miss this years lights. We didn’t have a show last year because our house sold right before the holidays. We also changed towns so you won’t catch us in Tolono anymore. We currently live just south of Monticello on 105. We didn’t want to go overboard this year with everything that is going on but still managed to use all 80 computerized channels. We also have about 14,000 lights. I still have about 8,000 lights new in boxes for next year. We reused the songs from 2010 to help get it going a little quicker.

We are located on a highway so use caution when enjoying the lights. There isn’t much room to pull off with the deep ditches. The old interurban is across the road if you are familiar with the area. I see people driving down it so I’m guessing it’s fine to use. I plan to go over there when I make the videos.

We are located 1 miles south of Monticello IL. Our address is 1422 N. State Highway 105.

Show Times:
Everyday from 6pm to 10pm.

Radio Station:

I plan on getting the website updated soon. If you have questions just let me know. We don’t have signs out front this year with the radio station on it so don’t forget to write it down before you come.

Happy Holidays,