It’s that time of year again when we flip the switch and light up the houses. I have been meaning to update the site but we have been busy getting everything ready. We aren’t there just yet but we have 6 songs synced to music. Another 2 should be done by Sunday.

What the show has:
1. There are two houses like last year.
2. We have around 14,000 lights between the two houses.
3. The lights pull around 42 amps when all lights are on.
4. We have 80 channels of computerized lights. We had 48 channels last year.
5. Over 100 forty foot extension cords.
6. New layout on the houses with color and 3 light polls with stars.
7. All songs had to be reprogramed for the new layout.

I’m planning on getting videos up soon. I also plan on doing a walk thru of the equipment like I did the first year.

We hope everyone enjoys.


Jeremy and Sarah