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House With All The Lights On

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Monday Nov 24,2008

I decided to take a couple of pictures with the all the lights on.  I’ll try to get videos up soon.  I’m still adjusting a couple songs that weren’t working properly.   

Lights are up

Author: Sarah Hendrix | Filed under: christmas lights Sunday Nov 23,2008

We got all of the Christmas lights up yesterday!!  We tested them out and they look great.  The hardest part of putting them all up, was organizing all of the extension cords.  With 21 extension cords all running into a central box, things are pretty crazy.  Putting all the lights up was a piece of […]

Testing Light O Rama Controller

Author: Jeremy Jones | Filed under: christmas lights Tuesday Nov 4,2008

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure things are working well.  When you setup a Christmas display that is synced to music there is a lot of pieces.  With a lot of pieces things can go wrong.  It’s best to test, test and test some more.  At this point in […]